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 ( )
telefon :
email :


27 ?eromskiego Street
68-120   I?owa
lubuskie  ( Poland )
telefon : +48 68 368 14 00
email : ilowa@ilowa.pl


13 B?ogos?awionego Bogumi?a Street
99-210   Uniejów
lodzkie  ( Poland )
telefon : +48 63 288 97 44
email : urzad@uniejow.pl


25 Wyzwolenia Street
43-365   Wilkowice
slaskie  ( Poland )
telefon : +48 33 499 00 77
email : sekretariat@wilkowice.pl


Rynek 1A
67-120   Ko?uchów
lubuskie  ( Poland )
telefon : +48 68 355 59 40
email : um@kozuchow.pl

District of Wejherowo

ul. 3 Maja 4
84-200   Wejherowo
pomorskie  ( Poland )
telefon : +48 58 572 94 11
email : starostwo@powiat.wejherowo.pl

District of ?ańcut

Mickiewicza 2
37-100   ?ańcut
podkarpackie  ( Poland )
telefon : +48 17 225 7000
email : biuro@powiatlancut.pl


1 Armii Krajowej Street
36-200   Brzozów
podkarpackie  ( Poland )
telefon : +48 13 43 410 50
email : um_brzozow@brzozow.pl

Poland for business

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Invest in Poland – foreign investment booms

Poland is one of the ropean leaders in attracting foreign investors. According to the fDi Report 2015, Poland in 2014 took the fifth place in rope by acquiring 177 new foreign direct investments (FDI) worth about 6 billion dollars.

Road network in Poland

A few years ago Poland was a country hard to reach for motorists. Although the road network in Poland is still developing, it is catching up very quickly.

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